Lucky Burger is everywhere in PNH & even a branch or two in Siem Reap Burger King at the airport in Siem Reap. Burgers OK, but this is supposed to be a chicken leg! Pretty pricy for a wing drum. Competition for Lucky Burger? Several Swenson's in PNH and one in Siem Reap. Closes early --  about 9 pm!

Pizza Company and D.Q. are now both in PNH near the Foreign Correspondence Club




These small clams are for sale everywhere

Blended fruits & veggies


Dried coconut

Spicy green mangos and other fruits
There is fish and a variety of meat sun drying on the streets around towns Typical snacks at a roadside bus stop

Birds and bugs

Fresh fruit everywhere




Free breakfast at one hotel Our favorite restaurant in PNH was FRIENDS. It is a cooking school where they train the street kids. Located a few blocks from the FCC

Amok, a staple Cambodian dish. It sent my stomach amok for several days.

Fried morning glory can be found everywhere

Homemade chili sauce

In PNH our second favorite was the Dim Sum Emperors next to the Central market.  We went there several times.
Still more Dim Sum Emperors No, we didn't try the Crocodile Burger


What's on the MENU

  Lok Lak with veggies on ice was our favorite Menu at Golden Temple Villa in Siem Reap
Most restaurants featuring Cambodian food had similar menus to the Golden Temple. Restaurants in the Angkor park generally charged 75-120% more than these prices for the same size portions.