Visa for 30 days is issued on arrival. Cost is $20 for a tourist visa or $25 for a business visa..  You need to provide 1 passport size picture, but if you dont have any, they charge you $2 to make a photocopy of your passport.  No documentation is required for a business visa and it will allow you multiple entry and a longer stay.

If you are traveling with a girl from the Philippines or Malaysia they DO NOT need to get in the Visa line, they go straight to Immigration. Thais and other ASEAN residents now are required to get a visa on arrival.



USD are used for most transactions.  It is advisable to bring small currency ($1, 5, and 10s) to pay bills. Most places have trouble changing $20, 50, or 100s. Riels are used for change less than $1. Exchange rate is R4000=$1. 

American Express Traveler Checks cashed for 2% fee. Some hotels accept one credit card, and not another or JUST CASH. For example, Indochine Hotel only accepted VISA, and some other hotels only accepted MasterCard. In Phnom Penh, VISA is not your preferred method of payment.


Domestic: $ 6

International: $ 25