The following information was compiled after 4-5 short trips.  Some info from various internet sources.


ASIA AIR:  In Mar 2006 I was able to get a R/T on Air Asia for less than $50 US.

BANGKOK AIR: 2 flights daily from Bangkok. Cost B 8,100 R/T

THAI AIRLINES: 2 flights daily from Bangkok. About B10,000+

ROYAL PHNOM PENH AIRWAYS:  1-2 flights per day

SIEM REAP AIRLINES:  2 flights per day

PRESIDENT AIRLINES:  1-2 flights per day


"J" HOTEL: #115 St 214 (Corner of St 214 & 63. I stayed here in March 2006 and found the location to be perfect. Rooms were $15 including breakfast.  Good air conditioners, small refrigerator, TV with cable and an elevator.  Cheap laundry service (cost me 75 cents for 3 shirts).  Beds are more like box springs, and some of the bathrooms are pretty small, but probably where I will choose to stay again next visit due to location, price, and good air-conditioning.  Email:  Tel: 855-23-217-728

PARIS HOTEL: #.229-231, St.Kampuchea Krom (+855) 023 880 361 3 fax (+855) 023 880 310 Rate $15-20 night.  Nice large rooms, AC. Phone, Satellite TV, great views from some of the top rooms. Restaurant next door. In house massage & karaoke. Probably the best of the $15-20 hotels in Phnom Penh. (Recommended by Frequent Flyer).  I checked into the Paris Hotel (unsolicited and unpaid plug for hotel here), where I got a nice large clean room with tile floor, AC, fridge, 23"-27" (?) TV, and a full bath with tub, hot water shower, and shower curtain for $15/night. Harry Seaman.  I stayed here in 2005 and found it "just OK".  A bit far from the action spots I wanted to visit. (JC)                 


GOLDEN BRIDGE:  # 7CD Road 278. Clean rooms with small TV, small aircons, refrigerator, & hot water. $13 per night includes free laundry. No elevator. (JC stayed here several times & liked it)

Golden Gate: 278 St Rate $15 Comments: Clean rooms with fridge, minbar, air con, overhead fan, satellite TV

GOLDIANA HOTEL: #10+12 Street 282,288  This is a slightly upscale hotel full of NGO’s always seen sitting around the dining room planning “tomorrow.” I’d not recommend it for TSM activities, but OK for breakfast buffet, or a snack in the air-conditioning.  Email:  Website:

Royal Guesthouse: fan room for $7 or $12 for an air conditioned room with hot water.

WALKABOUT HOTEL: with it's new redone rooms for $18-$25 (AC, cable TV, hot water, HUGE beds) quite nice. The staff is good and trustworthy (usually with an western manager on 20 hrs a day), the pub/bar is open 24/7 with full Aussie pub menu and some very fine and friendly working girls (no theft problems in general with this bunch). Also some of the most interesting expat regulars and travelers you may ever meet. NOTE: Having visited the bar here in 2006 I cannot imagine staying in the rooms if they are managed like the bar.  But, it is a great place to visit in the late afternoon or early evening. Also reported to be very entertaining from 2 am til sunrise.

The Hong Kong: is a mid-range hotel, nice large rooms, very clean, friendly staff and no problems with guests. Rooms are $30 for large rooms in the new wing of the hotel, $25 in the old part, and they have a few small rooms for $18. It has a great location right on Monivong and is within walking distance of the Capitol GH, Central Market, and the bus station.


Hotels ( along the Tonle Sap River)

this list extracted from another website/email

All of the hotels on this list have Cable TV and AC. The main difference in rooms are hotels without elevators have $5 rooms on the highest floors. You can see that rate for example at the Riverview guest house, and rooms with windows and rooms without windows. The main advantages to staying along the river is the street café restaurants. In the mornings, people walk or jog in the park that runs along the river. Not to mention that after dark there are Khmer girls available in the park. The boats to Siem Riep are near Riverview Hotel. About 1km toward Svay Pak from Riverview is a Dance club.

Hotel Riverview: Rate $30 with Breakfast Comment: Nicest hotel on my list!

Hotel California II: Tel: (+855) 23 982 182 Rate $15-17 Comments: Has very steep steps  e-mail: 

Indochine Hotel: Rate $10/ night Comments: Very small rooms with AC and no windows.

Sunshine Hotel: Tel (+855) 23 725684 Rate $15, $20 or $25/night
Comments: Almost next door to Indochine Hotel.

River View Guest House: Actually it isn't on the river. It just 1 block away, but It is across a park (more like a vacant field) from the National Museum. There is another guest house on the opposite corner about the same quality. Rate: $10

Royal Highness Hotel: # 35-37, Street 172 Sangkat Chey Chumneas Kan Duan, Phnom Penh Tel (+855) 23-216133 e-mail:  Rate $5, $10, $15 or $20/night  Comments: Hotel has a few girls staying there for purchase.

Comment on hotel Rates: You'll find that the cheapest room on the highest floor, and the rate increase toward the ground. In the Royal Highness Hotel above, The 5 dollar room are found on the top most floors . Many hotels only haves access by steps. That’s a lot of steps. I had taken a 5 dollar room as there was no difference between rooms on other floors.

“I had wondered why there was a fan and an air-cond. That because with both, the room was still too hot.”  NOTE: This comment was true about the rooms in the Golden Bridge too.


KHMER RESTAURANT:  Very popular place for foreign diners.  Most meals $2-3. #6 Street 57, corner 278.


GOLDIANA HOTEL: Decent breakfast buffet for $3 (eggs, bacon, sausages, 1 Asian dish – usually noodles or rice) fresh fruits & French bread. Just be prepared for lots of NGO’s. #10+12 Street 282.

MY LIEN: Quiet little club/restaurant at #14B Street 278. Some fun girls, but they don’t appear to be on the menu.  Aussie influence with foreign & Viet meals.

Happy Pizza:  223 Sisowath  Blvd.

Home Away From Home café: Small Café at Svay Pak


Tuk-TuksMotorcycles with trailers that can seat 3-4 people. Cost generally $1 per stop.

TAXI’S: Taxi to/from the airport costs $7.  Taxi’s around town cost $3 to one stop.


  • Chealy Tel:012-876-091 - $18-20 day e-mail:
    Comments: Will made a deal if you want to go outside Phnom Penh
  • Sao Sarann Tel: 012-832-073 - $25 day
  • Seang Huon Tel: 012-898-344 - $20 day
  • Kosal. Tel: 012-820-970.- $20/day.

MOTO’S: Motorcycles cost 2000 Riel (50 cents US) to almost any place in town. Price may be 2500 after midnight or 1 am.


INTERNET: Lots of Internet Cafes available for 2500-3000 R per hour.  Connection is slow, but acceptable.


  • PENCIL SUPERSTORE: Near corner of 214st & 41 St.  Similar to Lucky Grocery, but prices are better.
  • LUCKY GROCERIES:  Sihanouk Blvd close to Monivong. Well stocked grocery with most foods that a foreign tourist or resident  might want.
  • CENTRAL MARKET:  Large market with everything from t-shirts to electronics & jewelry. 
  • RUSSIAN MARKET: On the west side of town. Prices are better than the Central Market and more stuff of interest to me.
  • DEPARTMENT STORE:  Not sure of the name, but it is a 4-5 story modern shopping mall about 1 block east of the Central market. Not much here for tourists trinkets, but some nice eye candy riding the escalators.
  • DRUG STORES:  Drugs are cheaper here than any place I’ve visited in Asia. Penagra is $9 for 4x100mg tablets.



FIRING RANGE:  Forty five minutes from downtown. The shooting range consisted of a wooden shed decorated with large airborne banners, displays of weapons and what looked like human scalps hanging from the roof. We were given a menu of guns and I had a bit of sticker shock. Prices ranged from US$20 to shoot thirty rounds from an AK-47 assault rifle to $30 for thirty round from a M-16 to $150 for one hundred rounds from a M-60 machine gun and even more for the grenades and rocket launcher.

GO CARTS: It was a very nice Go-Kart track. Cost $10 for 15 minutes.

KILLING FIELDS:  Much like the French Revolution suspicion and paranoia ruled the country. During those three years over 17,000 men, women and children (including nine westerners) were detained and tortured in the notorious S-21 prison before being taken to the Killing Fields of Choeung Ek where they were often bludgeoned to death to avoid wasting bullets. The remains of 8985 people have been dug up from 86 the 129 mass burial graves there. The central feature today is a five story high memorial stupa containing the skulls of 8,000 people arranged according to sex and age. Otherwise the site consists of a number of empty pits where the bodies had been exhumed.

the water park: $3 entry fee. A small but nice water park. There were a few small water slides, a couple of wading pools, a tide pool and lazy river. Just the thing for spending a hot day relaxing.