On my first trip I planned to use a car, but then I met SETH.  He explained to me how we should go out the first afternoon and buy our park passes and see the sun set. 

We enjoyed his personality so much we kept him the entire first trip.

Unfortunately, I lost his phone number  so on my second visit I took his picture downtown and found some guys that knew him. On that trip we rented three tuk-tuks for the entire time and everyone had a blast!  First afternoon out to the park and do the sunset between Angkor Wat & the gates to Bayon is about $4.  After that $10 a day will cover a tuk-tuk.

On my third visit, just a few months after my second, I couldn't make contact from Thailand before we went to Cambodia.  So the first afternoon we settled for a guy outside our hotel.  He over charged me for a short trip downtown, and then he wanted extra pay to go to the park gate "because it was too far!"   We decided to have some afternoon cocktails and that driver had no idea where to get ice cubes. We ended up paying a lot extra to have someone cut ice cubes from block ice.  We finally made contact with Seth late the first night and he made the difference in making the trip fun (and he knew where to get ice cubes).

Mr. P. Seth 012-519-450   out of country (855)-12-519-450