An afternoon & evening in Golphu Bhaniyang

There is a road around Golphu Bhaniyang now. No vehicles on the road yet because somewhere down the line the road isn't finished.  Maybe next year?

There is nothing that would make the average trekker go off the nice wide road and down into this village.  But, for us it was time to call it a day and save the climb up the next hill for the next day.

One look and I remarked to Bill that this was one of the bleakest places we had ever considered stopping.  The south end of the village appeared abandoned.


The village contained two unexciting looking guest houses.  This looked to be one of our most boring places to visit.


The rooms were spotless. Quoted R300 but bill the next morning was for R400 (and they tried to add the room number (103) and would have got away with it, but no bill in Nepal ends in a 3!

Siding and roofing made out of old 5 gallon cans.

Typical trail store

Not much traffic

Young girls brings in feed for the animals


And then the YETI appeared!!!



At first the people weren't sure what was happening

He calmly sat there waiting

As I said, Bill does draw a crowd

The kids would get braver and move closer, then he would sit up and growl and they would move back across the street



After the Yeti left, things went back to normal. But the kids seemed to hang out in front of our guest house to see what was next.  So, Bill and I got out our goodie bags and gave the girls trinkets like hair clips, headbands, necklaces, etc.   Candy for everybody and Bill gave out cigarette lighters, key chains and more.

I enjoyed watching the girl with the basket on her back. The basket contained an infant. When the baby cried she would walk up and down the street bouncing the basket off her butt and the crying would stop (not sure if it was lulled into sleep or afraid).


Like most of the places we visited on this trek, Golphu Bhaniyang also had no electricity so by 6 pm it was very dark on the street. 

After dark we broke out a tube of chemlight bracelets.  I was mobbed as I started to hand them out, then a guy sternly directed the kids to line up. I handed out bracelets for 20-30 minutes. It was a sight to see. Almost total darkness except for colored bracelets zooming up and down the street. Some kids tossing them in the air and screaming.

The kids screaming with glee lasted well into the night.

The non-flash photos give you a better idea of what it looked like

Bill also carried a flashing red light for night time fun

No, the goat didn't get a bracelet


A view of sunrise coming. I found it ironic that I could look down into the valley and see lights in villages, but here everything was dark.

I shot this just before the monkey tried to come in my window..but that is a story for later.

Back to a ghost town. BLEAK, but I'll have fond memories of that night.

A look back at the village as we climbed the hill early the next morning.