Most places serve meals with a green chili sauce, ketchup and maybe salt & pepper.  So I carry a bag of seasonings & sauces with us.


Dhalbat is the standard meal. It shocks me how many trekkers I see eating Dhalbat as their main meal. maybe it is because it is usually all-you-can-eat and they are cheap.


TIBET BREAD is popular. In Annapurna it is a fried bread and very tasty. On Langtang it is made just like a chapiti and then baked on the coals until if puffs up. Tasteless.


Bill's favorite is apple pie. Made with same dough as everything else, then filled with apples, chocolate powder, brown sugar, and milk powder. Then fried


I generally had fried rice or chow mein. The size and taste varied widely.


Pizza is again made with the same dough. The dough is cooked on the pan, then topped with ketchup and other toppings and give a dusting of yak cheese. The pizza is then placed in a steamer until the cheese is melted. All of these are with extra cheese we bought at a cheese factory by the Red Panda.  We also carry several packs of sliced pepperoni for special nights.


Veggie Spring Roll Omlet Momo dried goat dried peppers Yak cheese


Chang. Ghastly drink made with white slop left over from making Roxy (millet moonshine). Water is added, then stirred. They suck this stuff down in a few gulps. There is NO Diet Coke in Annapurna.