Not unusual to see girls under 5 carrying their siblings. Boys never perform this duty.


What's wrong with this photo?

I gave all 5 kids a Chalupa (Thai version of a Tootsie pop).  As I sat there watching them I noticed that they were all sucking on them, but they had not unwrapped them. Once I showed the first girl how to take the paper off, she showed the rest. LOL

This girls looked so funny in the mask that Bill gave it to her.


Wish all the stories from a trek were happy ones. We met this girl Thadepati Bhanjyang. When we got there she was outside with another boy & girl. Bill & I both gave them all some trinkets. The other girl spoke superb English and quickly let us know this one was not a sister but a Tamil the family had acquired to work.  The next morning Brian came to me and asked if I had some medicine to help the boy who had become very ill over night. Appeared he had pneumonia. I did have plenty of Cipro (broadband antibiotic), but the boy was too young for adult meds. I contemplated cutting the 500mg tabs by 4, but still feared the dosage might do more harm than good and I would be blamed if he got worse. The father grabbed a male & female chicken and "sacrificed" them.  We heard 2 days later the father called for a helicopter, but the boy died before it arrived.

More kids from Annapurna in 2007