Once you have seen a couple of menus from a trekking area in Nepal, you can guess what items will be on most of the menus.  The only thing that changes is the price increases the further you get from a road.  In Langtang most of the supplies were packed in by porters vs the mule trains used in the old days of Annapurna.

A few items that I never saw on a Annapurna or Everest menu were Mars Spring Rolls & Snicker Spring Rolls.  Didn't try one but it was confirmed that it is a Mars or Snicker bar rolled in dough and then fried.

On the 3rd menu down the guy must have had some stupid guests. He offers a room and breakfast for $30 or a room with breakfast, lunch & dinner for $50.  When we got there he wanted R1500 (about $20) for a room. Bill had him down to R500 in about 2 minutes. Then he pissed him off when we checked out the next morning because Bill didn't eat that night or in the morning.   Many guest houses try to increase the room bill if you don't spend enough on food and drinks.

Note only the first and last menus have any meat on them. This is because they had regular electricity at the beginning and end of the trail so refrigeration was possible.