A good porter can make the trek an enjoyable experience.   Find one that speaks English and preferable knows the area you are going to visit. (Although we have taken our regular porters to new areas with good success).

Settle on a daily fee with them providing for their own meals.  If the guest houses know you are buying the porters food you will get billed full price. If they tell the guest houses that they are paying for their own meals the usually get the meals at a huge discount or even for free.

You should plan on paying a porter about $13-19 a day.  Yeah, you might get one for less, but you get what you pay for.

Brian Gurung 

Brian has been our main porter for a number of years.

He is based out of Kathmandu


Tel 981-852-6409

Bimal Tamang 

Brian was JC's porter in April and Oct 2012

He is based out of Lukla, but will travel to Kathmandu for other treks



Bishal Tamang

Bishal portered for me for 5 days in Langtang after I fired my first porter. His English is almost perfect and he has a great personality.

Thulo Shyabnu - Rasuwa -- 3


Tel:  984-943-4392 or 01067-0335 or 974-104-0072