Langtang Trek Oct 2012

Kathmandu to the base of the pass

At one point we came around a corner to see a crowd on the trail. An Asian guy told me there was an old man coming down the side of the mountain. I knew before I saw him that Bill had found a shortcut!

Babysitting Nepal style


In 2011 we spent the night it Golphu Bhaniyang and it was one of the best of the trip despite it being a dismal looking town with marginal accommodations (see photos here).  This trip we were happy to see some new rooms had been added at the Thodong Lama Lodge about 10-15 minutes before Golphu Bhaniyang. The accommodations were great as was the food.

Swiss owner Nick, his wife and daughter

The next morning we did stop in Golphu Bhaniyang for about 45 minutes.  We handed out some head scarves for the girls and some balloons for the little kids.  Then I selected one boy and pulled out a soccer ball.  We pumped it up and the boys went running off looking like they won the lottery.  My porter was pretty shocked and asked me if I had any more soccer balls in my bag.  Guess I'll have to take him one next trip.

The only Diet Coke on the trail

We enjoyed this hard working little girl's English and curiosity in 2011, so we had brought some special gifts for her this time.  We were happy to see she was still there and in good spirits despite being a long way from her family.  Bill even treated her to a can of Pringles at Rs 500!   In turn, she kept the fire going until we quit for the night.

Part 2 ....The Pass