Aggie Grey's Hotel


  • 156 rooms + 26 Bungalows + 2 Presidential Suites
  • Fine dining restaurant
  • Coffee lounge
  • 3 cocktail bars
  • 24-hour room service
  • business center
  • swimming pool
  • Gym
  • Complimentary Golf at Royal Samoan 18 hole Country Club
  • 8 In-house movie channels
  • 300 staff
  • Previous Guest included: Gary Cooper, William Holden, Raymond Burr, Cherryl Ladd, Marlon Brando, plus many Royal families.


  Standard Deluxe Bungalow Deluxe New Wing

Presidential Suite

Single $95 $115 $140 $215
Twin/Double $100 $120 $145 $220
Triple $105 $125 $150 $225
Pasefika Inn: (Pronounced "Pacific-a Inn)
  • Seems like I was on a roll for picking the wrong hotel when I arrived here.  Just around the corner is "Aggie Grey's Hotel."  For me it would have been worth $29 more to be in a five star hotel with a legend than staying in this place.
  • Supposedly businesses in Samoa can no longer be paid in US dollars, so when I was quoted $66 for a room I thought it was in Samoan dollars.  After checking in the lady insisted I pay up front in US dollars. (Of course she had no US change).
  • Air-conditioned
  • Refrigerator
  • Tile floor
  • I found out by accident that my key opened the room next door! So I can't say much for security.
  • Breakfast included - except on Sunday (of course I arrived Saturday night!)
  • US $66 for a single room (with balcony) $55 w/o balcony.

Boomerang Creek:  (Info from brochure)
  • Beach resort on SE side of the island - - 1 hour from Apia
  • fales with fans (lockable)
  • fully licensed restaurant - - extensive menu
  • Single S.T. $ 35/Double S.T. $ 65 (includes breakfast)
  • "great view of the reef"
  • Cafe Open Tuesday to Sunday 8am - 10 pm 
  • large guest library
  • boomerangcreek@yahoo.com 


Mc Donald's: Pretty much standard items.  No "double quarter pounders" or huge fries like American Samoa.  Also, a little more expensive then A.S.
Coast Bar & Grill: on Beach Road (the waterfront) between Aggie Grey's and downtown Apia

There are about 4-5 yuppie restaurants (Rainforest, Coast B&G, Sails, Larry's, Otto Reef) located in this same spot between Aggie Grey's and downtown Apia.  They looked like a good place to watch the sunset.

Giordanos Pizza:  A selection of pizza, salads, and pasta.  Open: Tues-Sat 3pm-10 pm and Sunday 5 pm to 9 pm.  Across from Hotel Insel Fehman about 3 blocks south of the John Williams Building (on Beach Road).
Sails:  On Beach Road. Breakfast Mon-Sat 9am.  Dinner nightly from 6:30 pm.  "The last restaurant to close in the world Every Day."  In a 140 year old colonial building that was the first home of Robert Louis Stevenson.

Rental vehicles are pretty reasonable (about ST $110 a day including insurance).  Need to have license stamped by police (ST $10), can be difficult on the weekend.

There is an internet cafe right across the street from Pasefika Inn.  ST$3 for 15 minutes.  Pretty fast, but hot (could use a fan).  Open 7 days a week.

Internet available in business center in Aggie Grey's.

LAUNDRY:  There is a laundry mat across the street from the Pasefika Inn.  
  • Snorkeling at Palolo Deep National Marine Reserve (see below)
  • The weekends!  Almost everything closes by noon or 1 pm on Saturday and doesn't reopen until Monday morning.  (Of course I arrived Saturday afternoon and departed Monday morning)
  • Transit from international to domestic flights (American Samoa is considered domestic even though you must process immigration & customs).   International arrival are at Faleolo airport west of Apia.  Domestic flights leave Fagali'i airport east of Apia.  This is about a 40-50 minute taxi ride and will cost you  ST $45.
  • Power fluctuations and brownouts
  • Waterfall/beach tour ST $132        [PHOTOS]
  • Dinner show at Aggie Grey's (Wednesday 5:30 - 9:30 pm)
    • US $40.00 per person
  • Manono Island BBQ (Tuesday 10 am - 4 pm) US $ 40 per person
  • Deep Sea Fishing
    • Lady Saele Charters
      • whole day (11 hours) US $ 450
      • half day (6 hours) US $ 300
    • 26 foot modern boat
    • Kevin Holihase     saele@mailcity.com    Ph: (685) 22480
  • Scuba diving
  • Snorkel at Palolo Deep National Marine Reserve
    • 5 minute walk from Aggie Grey's or Pasefika
    • Deep blue hole surrounded by coral on south and east sides.
      • Allow 1-2 hours 
      • Easiest to snorkel right from the shore despite the water only being 18-24 inches deep.  Snorkeling out to the hole will keep you from stepping on coral or sea urchins.  Some large tropicals very close to shore.  The east bank of the hole is covered with coral and a variety of marine life.  The west side of the hole (toward the harbor is a dead zone with virtually no life.  When I went the visibility was limited to about 15 feet, but improved slightly the closer I got to the barrier reef.  The LARGE fish here make it a good snorkeling spot despite the visibility.  I saw one sea turtle and a three foot mahi-mahi swam right up to me and stared at me through my mask!  Barracuda and larger tropical fish than I have seen on most snorkeling/dive trips.  Good fun.
      • Semi-experienced snorkelers because there is no place to stand up without stepping on coral once you reach the hole.  Also some people (me included) might be uncomfortable snorkeling over a deep hole where you can't see the bottom.  Especially when you see the size of the fish swimming around here!
      • No current.
    • Open 8 am - 6 pm -- seven days a week
    • Admission ST $2
      • I think you could probably leave a bag with a towel and dry clothes with the lady at the entrance.  They have a fresh water shower and changing rooms.  
  • Ecotours (some don't sound to "eco" to me!)
    • 7 day tours UD$ 140 a day
      • Legenday (includes 3 nights at Aggie Grey's) 4 in villages
      • Safari (rural villages)
      • Sea Kayaking
      • Birdwatching
      • Survival
      • American Samoa
      • Coconuts (for the ultra fit)
    • tours@ecotoursamoa.com
    • Ph/fax (685) 22144 or 25993
  • Kayaking 
    • Island Explorer
    • www.islandexplorer.ws
    • kayak@islandexplorer.ws 
      • 1 day tour              $ST 165
      • Overnight tour      $ST 360 (included accommodations)
      • Multiday tour         $ST 190 a day
      • Twilight trip           $ST  60
        • all trips include meals & refreshments
  • Surfing
    • South coast (Maninoa)
    • 7 different locations
    • Maninoa Surf Camp
      • cellular 73-085   or   29162
  • Adventure-Man Tours & Rentals  ..........  Ph 28172
    • Mountain bikes, walking, & 4WD tours
    • Aleipata Beach, Namua Island, Fuipisia Fallsm Sopoaga Falls
      • By mountain bike or 4WD, some snorkelling
      • Full Day
      • ST $ 160
    • Ultimate Overnight
      • Good fitness required
      • mountain bike
      • similar to above ST $ 280
    • Sensational Savaii
      • 5 day 
      • village accomodations
      • ST $ 990
  • Rent a car and explore
    • Blue Pacific Car Hire
    • bluepacific@lesamoa.net
      • Suzuki Samurai (A/C)           ST $110/day
      • Toyota Corolla (A/C)            ST  $150/day
      • 8 seat Americqn Van (A/C)  ST  $180/day
        • includes insurance and VAGST