More photo's from Billy's Place on Likufa, Ha'apai

180 degree panorama from the reef at low tide

Breakfast always included fresh fruit, cereal, and lots of pancakes, french toast, scones, etc.

One Saturday night we found some fresh fish and all the guests decided to have a fish dinner on Sunday night.  

Neil, from New Zealand, cleaned the fish and prepared a great fish curry and also a  raw tuna dish with fresh coconut, lemon juice and chili's.  

Sandy made a great salad, a pile of garlic bread, and a chocolate cake.

If you can't tell from the smiles at the table, we all had a great night.  Thanks Sandy & Neil!

Most of the islanders have cement tanks to collect rain water.  Billy's has a large fiberglass unit they brought in from Nuku'alofa.

The "shared bathroom" was a central building convenient to all four fales.  It was spotlessly clean.  It had a men's and a women's side and with the limited number of guests Sandy allows, it was a perfect set-up.

The bicycle fleet at Billy's won't win any races, but just great for a slow ride around the island.
Sandy provides the airport transfer for free.  She also gives a great tour of the island on her daily ice run.