General Information

Immigration:      You must show a onward ticket.  They appeared to be doing a 100% check for this.  Other than that, it was very quick. 

Customs:   Quick and easy.

Currency:   (Oct  2001).  The Cook Islands use New Zealand currency.

Airport $1US = NZ$ 2.165 (less service charge NZ$2.50 on all transactions)
Avarua $1US = NZ$ 2.167 (no service charge)
Aitutaki $1US = NZ$ 2.161 ($4 service charge on each transaction)
Avarua $1US = NZ$ 2.183 (no service charge)


Electric:  240volts, 50 cycle

Airport tax:  NZ$ 25

Arrival:  Finally a airport where transportation services meet the international flights (you are lucky if there is one taxi there to meet flights from the outer islands).  Very organized.  Raro Tours provided transportation to most major hotels but they charge the same as taxi's (and they use a real air-conditioned bus!).   Transport NZ$ 10 to Paradise Inn.

Airport Services: Some snack bars before immigration and numerous shops inside.  For domestic departures there is a Coke machine.  Waiting are is in the benches near check in (photo).