Emerald Chinese Restaurant


Partial Menu

Food was just OK,  If I had another day there I would try Lily's which is across from the Fish Market near the harbor.  It was highly recommended by Sandy from Billy's on Ha'apai.  Lily's is a little hard to find because it has no sign anymore.

Chicken Fried Rice 3.90
Combo Fried Rice 4.90
Shrimp Fried Rice 4.90
Spring Rolls 3.50
Whole Steamed Lobster 12.50
Sweet & sour lobster 10.80
Seafood fried noodles 4.90
Chicken with cashews 6.50
Lemon chicken 6.50
Beef with oyster sauce 6.20
Pork Satay 6.20
Deep fried King prawns 10.80