General Information

Immigration:  Multiple lines.  No hassles and as fast as any place I've been.

Customs:  Very strict about food & plants.  I had several snacks (which I declared).  Beef jerky was confiscated, but dried fish & candy was OK.  Guy said they don't allow any imported beef, even in cans.  (wonder where the McDonalds burgers come from?)

Currency:   (Sep 2001)

$1 (US)  = F 2.18  (1less F$1 fee)   AIRPORT
$1 (US) =  F 2.204  (no fee) WestPac bank in Nadi  



Electric:     240volts          

Airport tax:  F$20.00

Water:  The government supplied water system is safe to drink.  If you are at a remote spot, check to see if they are on the government water system.

Airport Services:   As you exit customs on arrival there is a wide variety of services including a bank,  visitors information, Air New Zealand, travel agents, car rental agencies, travel agencies (I recommend ROSIE'S).  If you are going to catch a departing flight there is a great little restaurant/snack bar in the corner between international check in and the immigration area.  Once you are inside the departure area there are 3-4 large stores on two floors and a small satellite of the restaurant in the main terminal area.