low tide from the reef opposite Billy's

beach at coral gardens

from the causeway connecting Foa & Likufa

beach on the very northern tip of Foa

a uninhabited island we visited while looking for whales 

Sunrise on Billy's Beach
Around the city

Almost everyone has pigs. They let them out at night and call them before sunset and they go running home





Lindsay's guesthouse & cafe



The latest in Tongan beachwear 


rush hour in Pangai

house made from beer cans!

a humpback whale

Remnants from old Holopeka Boral Quarry (about 1/3 mile north of Billy's).  The Tongans used to cut blocks of coral at low tide to use for burial mounds for chiefs and other important people.  They then transported these blocks by canoe to the other end of the island, or even other islands.  These quarries were used between the 13th & 18th century.

 For more, see photos from Tongatapu with block that weight over 4 tons!

Grave of Reverend Shirley Baker, confidant and political advisor to King Taufa'ahau.  He was appointed Premier in 1880 and he was the architect of the 1875 Tongan Constitution. 

He is buried in the European Cemetery with copra traders, dry goods merchants, and beach bums from the late 19th and early 20th century.

The flight from Tongatapu takes about 45 minutes.  You fly over lots of uninhabited islands.  Most of them have beautiful barrier reefs.