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NOTE: American Express Credit Cards are not accepted anywhere in the Ha'apai group
There are NO ATM's in the Ha'apai Islands





Billy's Place
  • I came to Ha'apai for rest and quiet.  IMO, this place was perfect, so I stayed almost 2 weeks.  It is run by an American lady, Sandy,  that imported everything from the lumber to the beds from the USA.
  • Four "Fales" just off the beach.
    • Really "bungalows"  vs the bamboo shacks most Fales really are.
      • All building materials imported from the USA
      • Good screens, clean cement floors (mosquito/insect proof)
    • 2 large Fale is TGP $55/65 (single/double) including Sandy's mega-breakfast
    • 2 smaller Fales are TGP $45/55 including Sandy's mega-breakfast
    • all rooms plus 2.5% tax
  • Two single beds in each Fale
    • American mattresses!
    • actually have matching sheets and mattress pads
  • One central bathroom area
    • separate men's and women's side
    • very clean, even by USA standards
    • cool showers ..... warmer midday
  • No electricity, but they run a generator nightly from about 7:30pm to 10:30pm
  • A BIG breakfast [PHOTO] is included in the room price.  She keeps bringing food as long as the guests are still eating.
    • They normally don't serve lunch or dinner, but if you have a specialty, contact Sandy by phone before you come and propose doing a dinner one night during your stay.  Make sure to bring the key ingredients as there isn't much available on the island except fish, chicken, and coconut milk.
  • Water (collected rainwater) safe to drink
  • If you have time before you leave home, give the place a ring and ask if they need anything.  They are at the end of the world as far as the supply system goes.
  • 1.5 km from town (Pangai) ..... 10-15 minutes by bicycle 
  • No children under 12 .. . . . . . . .Thank you!!
  • Bookings:  Phone (676) 60-336.  
    • Note: Book direct, because most tour companies add a commission to the rates.
    • Sandy & Billy  Ha'akau, P.O. Box 66, Likufa, Ha'apai, Kingdom of Tonga
  • Webpage:  http://www.angelfire.com/ok4/billysplace
  • More Photos from Billy's Place

Sandy Beach (Foa):

  • Beach cottages (14)
    • private bathrooms with hot water
    • Screens & ceiling fan
    • refrigerator
  • Daily rate TGP $160
    • Extra beds $32
    • all rooms plus 2.5% tax
  • Meals Plan TGP $45 per person (screened dining area)
    • Breakfast TGP$ 12
    • Lunch snack menu available
    • Dinner TPG$ 39 per person
  • Full time electricity (240v)
  • Nice beach hammocks (last photo)
  • Videos/library in main building
  • German management
  • Phone (676) 60-600
  • email: Sandybch@Kalianet.to 


DINING:   There are only a few choices for lunch and dinner on Lufika & Foa.  Most people on Lufika go to Lindsay's or Mariner's Cafe.  Of the two, I much preferred Lindsay's.  Both are run by colorful expats, but I didn't see Treavor when I tried Mariner's.  If you stop into Lindsay's and John isn't too busy, expect him to serve up some stories about his 35 years on Tonga with the food or drinks.  Due to the low volume of traffic on the islands, many of the guests rode bicycles into town (even after dark).

Lindsay's Cafe: Noon to 2 PM (sometimes).   7pm-9pm (usually open by 6pm)

Mariner's Cafe:  

Sandy Beach:  A little more upscale (in price).    Daily meal plan for hotel guests is TGP$ 45 per person.  French Fries TGP$5, Diet Coke TGP$2.50.



Bicycles: If you stay at Billy's the bicycles are no charge.  These are fairly new one speed bicycles, but like everything metal on the islands, they are pretty rusty.  The islands are almost flat (a few small hills) and you can get to the furthest ends (north or south) in less than one hour.  If you stay anywhere else on Lufika or Foa, expect to pay about TGP$10 per day to rent a bike.

Taxi's:  From Billy's TGP$3 to downtown, TGP$10 to Sandy Beach


INTERNET CAFE's   Mariner's Cafe has internet for TGP $1 per minute!  Reported to be TGP$ 2 per minute in Va'vau.
LAUNDRY:   Tina at Billy's will do a small bag of laundry for TGP $10 (except on Sunday). Let her know in advance!  Where do I get a job like this?
  • Breakfast at Billy's.  Pretty much an all-you-can-eat.  Fresh fruit every day with coffee, tea, cereal and something different every day (toast, scones, french toast, or pancakes).
  • Snorkeling near Billy's
  • Walking the reef at low tide (near Billy's)
  • Swimming on the north tip of Foa (about 3 minutes by bike north of Sandy Beach.  Excellent!
  • Whale watching 
  • Bicycling around Lufika & Foa (not much vehicle traffic)
  • Fish (tuna) & chips at Lindsay's guest house 
  • Chocolate cake at Billy's
  • Snorkeling at Sandy beach
  • Limited selections of food items on Lufika.  
    • Bring snacks or food items from Nuku'alofa.  
    • If you are staying at Billy's, call Sandi and ask what she wants.  You are allowed 20 kg each on the flights from Nuku'alofa.  Overweight is TGP $1 per kilo (less than fifty cents US for 2.2 pounds)
  • Snorkeling -- Click for Ha'apai snorkeling guide
  • Whale watching
    • TGP $60 includes some snorkeling on reefs (about 30 feet deep)
    • On a calm day if the whales hang around it is possible to snorkel with them
  • Diving
    • TGP 105 for two tank dive with Roland or Monica (TGP 60 for single dive)
    • Numerous reefs, caves, "shark city", etc
  • Dive certifications (TGP 510 at Happy Ha'apai Divers at Sandy Beach)
  • Day trips to other islands... start at about TGP$25
  • Bicycling
  • Walking to the barrier reef at low tide    PHOTOS
  • Sea Kayaking