Pago Pago




Pago Airport Inn
  • 20 rooms
    • each room has a double and a single bed
    • air-conditioner
    • TV with cable
      • 30+ channels
        • CNN, CNNfn, BBC, CNBC, USA
        • Lakbay TV (Philippines)
    • private bathroom with HOT WATER and great water pressure
    • refrigerator
    • phones
    • carpeted 
    • all rooms NO SMOKING
  • Nice balcony with free coffee
  • About 1 mile from the airport (Probably $1-3 in a taxi)
  • Convenient to most restaurants including Mc Donald's
  • About 1 block from Friendly Rental Cars
  • US $75 for single
  • (684) 699-6333  Fax:  (684) 699-6336

  • Once upon a time this was probably a good hotel.  I was fooled by a photo of the place and booked into this place.  
  • The Lonely Planet  says "The government run Rainmaker has a reputation as one of the worst hotels in the South Pacific."
  • Lots of rooms
  • Single with TV is $85 per night.
    • was discounted to $76.50 because they had NO hot water
  • Room had sliding glass door that would not lock
  • Central air-conditioning unit quickly froze up and dripped/spit water onto the carpet and bed.  Never cooled the room.
  • Swimming pool closed day & night.  Sign wired permanently to stairs.
  • Reception said tap water wasn't drinkable although the water supply on the rest of the island is supposedly OK.  Mineral water is not available at the hotel.
  • I did hear on the radio that a California firm was negotiating to take over the hotel.  If they do it may be worth considering in 1-2 years.
  • I'm not listing any phone numbers because you should not stay here unless you hear it is under new management.

  • Downtown Pago Pago
  • air-conditioned
  • Cable TV
  • Exercise room
  • e-mail services
  • Mexican Food
  • Cocktail Lounge
  • 633-7777    Fax: 633-4767
  • Above info from Phone book.

I believe this is the correct photo based upon the description in the phone book.  It did not have a visible sign outside, just one that said "Hotel"

Herb & Sia's
  • 10 rooms (island style)
  • In the heart of downtown (on the hillside)
  • phone  633-5413
  • Above info from Phone book.


More choices

I saw this in the airport on departure.  It is just past the golf course heading west.  Nice area IF you have transportation


DOWNTOWN:  All but Val's close at 5 or 6 pm
  • Open early for breakfast.  Closes at 6 pm.
  • In big shopping center on the water in the heart of downtown
  • Decent meals, very big selection (lots of items listed on the walls that are not on the menu.
  • Friendly staff.


  • This was the only place I could find open the night I arrived in Pago Pago.  If you arrive late and you decide to go into town, get the taxi to stop at Mc Donald's if you are hungry.
  • The food here was not too good!

MOM'S: Closes most nights, except Friday, by 6pm.  Went by several times when it was open and never saw any customers.
INTERNET CAFE:  Packed with customers at breakfast time.  Must be good.  Selections included omelets, ham & eggs, sausages, steak & eggs, burgers, beef stroganoff, and lots more.  Never got a price for internet use because nobody there knew when I asked.  Closed very early afternoon on Friday, not sure it that was normal or not.

FILIPINO FAST FOOD:  Small diner located across the street from the bus terminal (close to Val's).  Also closed late afternoon.

NEAR AIRPORT: Most of the better selections are closer to the airport than in Pago Pago
  • 7 am - midnight (Mon-Thurs)
  • 7 am - 2 am (Friday & Sat)
  • 9 am - midnight (Sunday)
  • No breakfast menu - burgers at 7 am.

Dickie's Diner:
  • This snack bar is located in the entrance to Cost-U-Less (similar to The Price Club or SAM's in the USA).  All snacks are from food products sold at the store.
  • Excellent value and quality.

  • Highway 001 in Nu'uuli between Pago Pago & the airport (close to airport)
  • Recommended by several people & Lonely Planets
  • Located in the parking lot of Cost-U-Less (between the airport and the golf course)
  • Similar to Denny's
  • Open at 6 am for breakfast.  Serving lunch at 10 am.
  • Highway 001 in Nu'uuli between Pago Pago & the airport (close to airport)
  • Open 7 days a week

Bus:  Busses leave the bus terminal near the market every few minutes.  These are all trucks modified into buses.  The busses stop running before 6 pm.

Rental Car: I walked for the first night and then decided to rent a car.  One day is enough to see most of the island.  Highly recommend road from Aua to Vatia.  Great view of Pago Pago harbor from the top of the pass.  Great scenery on the north side near Vatia.   See TAI at Oceania Travel & Tours in the Rainmaker Hotel, Phone: 24443/22552.  She gave me $65 a day including insurance on a fairly new car.

NOTE: Almost 90% of the side roads that cross from the south side of the island to the north or the center of the island are marked as AmSamoa 006

INTERNET CAFES: Only found one internet cafe in building next to National Park Service visitors center.  The place is packed with people eating breakfast until about 9:30 am.  It has one computer and the first time I went at breakfast time, nobody knew how much to charge.  Went by again on Friday about 3 pm and it was already closed for the day (or the weekend?).  (See photo above under DINING.)
LAUNDRY: There are American style Laundromats (with washers & dryers) all over the island.
  • Large french fries and the double quarter pounder @ Mc Donald's
  • The American polish sausage and pizza at Dickie's Diner (see above)
  • an American Post Office to mail accumulated items back to the USA
  • Rental car from Oceania Rentals ($65 including insurance).  Goon new car with great mileage.
  • Almost everything closes before 6 pm
  • The Rainmaker Hotel
  • The smell from the tuna processing plants.  Usually only near the plants except on "bad tuna days" when the wind is coming across the bay.
  • Walking/hiking.  It is very hot and humid. 
  • The lack of people/services at the airport upon arrival from Apia. [Photo of arrival area]  Apparently due to the attacks in the USA only ticketed passengers can go to the airport.  When I went to depart we were stopped 2 blocks from the airport and told we couldn't take our car to the airport.  When I told the police I didn't want to walk he just said "OK, drive on in, but don't stay long." 
  • Sightseeing 
  • Snorkeling?  Never saw anyone snorkeling or swimming.  Best areas looked like the beach between Vita & Afono.
  • Shopping at Cost-U-Less.  Everything 30-40% lower than the regular stores on the island, but no customers.  No membership required, but many items in large packages suitable for businesses.  Snacks not too big for tourists.

[Photos from around American Samoa]