General Information

Immigration:    Very quick! 

Customs:   Also very quick.  On departure from domestic airport to American Samoa they required a hand search of checked & hand carried luggage.  Don't put your cash in your hand carried or they will try to check it!

Currency:   (Oct  2001)

Airport US$ 1 = ST $3.3624 
Airport  Tongan $ = ST $ 1.4575        
At Aggie Greys US$ 1 = ST $3.3782
ANZ bank in Aoia  US$1 = ST $3.377


Electric: 240volts - - worst power fluctuations I have seen in years.

Airport tax:  ST $30.00

WATER:   Don't drink the water!!

ONWARD FLIGHTS:  Flight delays seem to be standard here.  My flight to Pago Pago  departed almost 2 hours late and my flight to Fiji was over 7 hours late.  The lady at the airlines office politely told me "It hasn't been delayed, it has been rescheduled."

GETTING TO THE AIRPORT:  Taxi's charge ST $45, but you can have your hotel call the airport bus.  It goes to the airport for all international flights and the cost is ST$ 10.


  • INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT: On arrival it is good.  There are many taxis available to take you downtown or to the domestic airport.  For departure it is virtually NIL.  As with many places you will be required to sit in the area near check in until the immigration people are ready.  Here it was about 1 hour before the flight.  In the outside waiting area there is one small snack bar on the second level with a terrible selection.  Past the immigration area there is one duty free store with some good prices on liquor.
  • DOMESTIC AIRPORT:  On arrival there are plenty of taxis to take you into town.  The charge is ST$ 5.  For departures there are about 8 chairs in a hot, dirty terminal.  Across the street are a couple of small roadside stores with soda, water, etc.