General Information

Immigration:  Quick 

Customs:  Quick & easy for tourists.  Very friendly customs officer.

Currency:   (Sep 2001)

$1 (US)  =  2.05 TDP MFB Bank  AIRPORT
$1 (US)  =  2.07 TDP Western Union  AIRPORT (never open?)
$1 (US) =    2.0404 ANZ Bank Tongatapu
$1 (US) =    2.0421 Bank of Tonga  Ha'apai


Electric:  240volts (Except at Billy's on Ha'apai where it is 110V on generator)


Taxes: Sales tax on all items including meals 4%, rooms 2.5%

Airport tax:  F$20.00

Airport Services:  One of the worst International Airports in the South Pacific for services.  Almost no taxi's meet the incoming flights, so it can be a hassle to get from the airport into the town.  The same goes for arriving at the airport from the islands.  The correct rate for a taxi to town was F$12, but the few taxis at the airport were demanding F$20.  I even arranged for a taxi to meet me when I returned from Ha'apai, but it failed to show up because I gave then an arrival time 10 minutes different from the scheduled arrival time!

For both Domestic and International flights you will be required to stay in the ticketing area or the front part of the airport until shortly before your departure.  There are two small gift shops curbside where you can buy a soda or water.  Not much else.  Inside the international departure area there are several small duty free shops that may open just prior to your flight to service transit passengers.