Bangkok Restaurants

This is a pretty good guide to dining in Bangkok

SUDA:  This is a GREAT little Thai café that is popular with foreigners.   Going east past the Sheraton on Sukhumvit you will see a small alley to the right with a Korean restaurant in it - - keep walking.  The next small street is Soi 14.  Turn in there and you will immediately see SUDA café.  I recommend the chili crab & the fried morning glory.  The spring rolls, sauté, and in fact everything is good and inexpensive.
TIP TOP:  This is a small little café just across Sukhumvit from Soi 31. I recommend the crab fried rice, the grilled squid,  the grilled pork & the watermelon shakes. Go to Sukhumvit, turn left and cross the street at the crosswalk about 50 feet from the corner. Turn left at the FLYERS bar on the other side of Sukhumvit and head toward the emporium. Located just past the gas station.  Almost as good as Suda and it has aircon (sometimes).
ANNA’s:  This is a nice little café in the building just to the east of the Landmark Hotel (where Asia Books is located). I love the curried noodles with chicken (basically Changmai Noodles).
FOODLAND:  There is a great little food counter in Foodland Grocery on Soi 5.  Prices are reasonable and portions are decent.  You can sit near the grill and watch them cook your meal.  And is you see something that looks good you can ask what it is and try it next time.
The SEAFOOD MARKET:  See the card in the business card book - I think it is on Soi 34.  Absolutely one of the most expensive places to eat in town, but fun with a large group.  You get a grocery cart and then select your seafood & veggies.  They then weigh your selection and you pay for everything.  Back at your table the waiter will go through your cart and ask how you want the items cooked.  When you are all finished eating you get a second bill for the cooking fee plus your drinks.
HARD ROCK CAFÉ:  Located in Siam Center (SIAM Station on the sky train).  Restaurant visible from the platform.  Typical HRC venu.
CABBAGE & CONDOMS:  Located on Soi 12, this is pretty decent Thai food at a reasonable cost.  The food is guaranteed not to make you pregnant, and you can even get a FREE vasectomy while you wait for your meal!
THE LEMON GRASS restaurant on Soi 24 is a good introduction to Thai food though comparatively pricey. Massman Gai, a mild chicken curry, is a very good first for a newbie    It is in the Emporium mall
Mae Rim Fang Nam - Rama III - where the food is almost as good as sex.
Vientiane - Suk Soi 36.  "the best Lao restaurant in town"
Klongtan Karaoke Shop houses - for best "hoy nang rom" and fried ducks beak.
Garden Restaurant - Suk 101 name escapes me - but closest garden restaurant I can find these days.
Prik Kee Noo (yes, that means ratshit peppers) on Soi Convent near Patpong
Cabbages and Condoms - the food is fine, and the atmosphere cannot be beat.  Great to take newbies to Thailand and Thai food there. Also, you would be surprised with the positive reaction of Thai ladies, including straight
ones, I have taken there. Check out the condom-themed gift shop too for  those condom hats you have been desiring. But, don't use the after-dinner condoms they put out. They were made for guys with miniature wieners.
Vijit - on the ground floor of the World Trade Center. I have been to this place many many times. Good menu with inexpensive prices. I usually stop here before or after a trip to the 7th floor of the WTC to catch a movie.  Then, for an after dinner drink/chat there is a beer garden often with live entertainment outside.
Finally, if you are looking for an upscale/expensive venue to impress someone, head on over to the Spice Market in the Regent Hotel on Ratchadamri  Road. Great Thai food, service, and atmosphere, but you will pay for it. I  once took a date there, then walked up the street to Spasso's disco/nightclub for dancing and fun. An expensive but outstanding evening.
For a really special amazing place, go to Nonthaburi (250 baht in a taxi - OR 10 baht by boat, and 150 baht from pier) to Suan Tip - this restaurant needs to be seen to be believed. Best visited for lunch, it is a large restaurant surrounded by lush tropical gardens, beside the river. Here you are so far up the river it no longer smells! Amongst the gardens are about 12 "Salas" the Thai style open sided little house. You can sit in these, and enjoy the view and surroundings.  Fans keep you cool, and as a friend of mine said, if your surrounded by trees, a breeze and greenery you don't need A/c, which is true here. You can choose to sit Thai Style, or Western. The food is good, and not too expensive - and if you pay by Amex - a 20% discount (Which stunned me!). Expect to pay about 1000 Baht for a BIG lunch for two including a few beers. On the way back to the Pier, stop at the market, for a real Thai experience.  You will also see Samlors used out here a lot - very very few westerners. Worth a day trip and a trip I regularly take visitors on.
I just want to recommend Malaysia Aunties to you all. It's located in a small alley on the left as you enter Soi 8.  Excellent  food and friendly service.  Ate there last night and had chicken curry, rice, nan and samosa all for about B145
The nicest Thai restaurant I think I've eaten in is Ban Khanitha (Soi 23) which seems to regularly win awards, lovely old house, great service, fine, attractively presented food, classy place. 
Best seafood I've eaten here was probably in Silom Village, Soi 23 again but heading towards Soi 31).  Again,
great service, lovely atmosphere. 
Further up Soi 23 near to Sukhumvit is Old Siam, a tiny little teak house with a long Thai/Lao menu and some good,
cheap set dinners. 
Directly over the road is the wonderful 'Fish and Chip Shop'  All your old favorites, home made pies, battered sausages, fish fingers, mushy peas, mugs of tea and the best chips (french fries to some, I'm afraid) in the whole of Thailand.  Real malt vinegar too!  Takeaway service available and that includes the waitresses!  Honest!
For Indian food, try Mrs Balbir (Soi 11) a smashing little place with an unusual and varying menu - she does a TV show on Star TV for India. 
Also worth a look are Akhbar on Soi 3,  Mogul Room, just opposite Cheap Charlies on Soi 11 and more upmarket
the Rang Mahal on the 22nd (?) floor of the Rembrandt Hotel (Soi 18). 
Generally, in terms of value the hotel buffets are hard to beat on a Sunday.  My favorites are at Giorgios in the Royal Orchid Sheraton on the riverside and the Delta Grand Pacific
For some more authentic, rural Thai stuff Ban Lao in Soi 36 is another lovely old teak house with live Isaan music, great atmosphere and a long and incomprehensible (as in 'Who the fuck would want to eat THAT?'  Beef gums anyone??  Ants' Egg Salad??  (actually, I like this one)  Good place to take that special Buriram beauty for a treat.
For another kind of experience, as well as excellent Thai/Chinese food, take a taxi (about B100 from Nana) down to the Royal Dragon on Bangna Trad (between Suk sois 103 and 105), near Central Bangna shopping Mall and the International Exhibition Centre.  It's in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest restaurant in the world, seating about 5000, many in the open air around water but there are a/c rooms and private karaoke rooms too. Massive menu and you can pick your dinner out of the tanks next to the kitchens, waiters on roller skates, good Thai dance show (music's a bit dodgy mind) waiters coming down from towers on the trapeze carrying bowls of rice.  A good night out but beware as it is closed by about 10.00 pm (and then what do you do in Bangkok?).  Get there around 7.00 pm for the dancing.
OK! Me no speak good eglit, but me like good food!  So let me tell you about good restaurants!  (And remember young men. You pay peanuts you get street foods.)  I'm from Greece... Mediterranean sea. Many fishes sir! Very fresh!  And tomatoes and feta cheese.  This is Greek salad sir; with olive oil and fresh olives yes olives without  preservatives and crazy cows!

So we start from Grappino Italian Restaurant, at Amari Watergate Hotel, Petchaburi Road.  Ahhh, the chef, sweet Matilde, very beautiful, me like you, 25 years old  from Italy, she cook for me a special plate and first time in BKK I can  smell my country. Mediterranean sea. The best Italian restaurant by far! Everything is fine except (as usual in BKK) the beef. Try everything else and DON'T FORGET the desserts!! If you like wine you are at the right place! And IMHO at the right price! About 800-1600 B for ONE person (with or without wine)
You stay BKK, you no eat falang food! Thai food good! -Ok, me going Bann Khanitha! Come on, you know the road! Sukhumvit Rd, up to soi 23, you walk straight, don't look left, soi cowboy no good for you, young lady no good for your hurt, walk, nooooo, this is Dalat, walk, look, Baan Khanitha!  Very nice, very cozy, but the food is better! Probably the best in BKK! If I remember well, three times winner for the best restaurant. Close your eyes, take the big menu and point randomly at anything.  Everything is not only very good, is unbelievable good. I had many years to eat something like that. Ok, no good deserts...  Prices? Are you ready to pay for you and your tilac 600-1000B?  But believe me. The food is worth the double!  Me no like two things. The menu is really big and a good restaurant always  had a samol one.  The stuff sapik eglit like me.
And le Dalat on the same soi? (23)  Stupid falang! You look only go go girls and tall katoys! Can you see? Two Dalat!  No, you not drunk! You find two! Le Dalat and le Dalat Indochine! Same same, good Vietnamese cuisine, I have  fun with a metr from Laos, I like the costumes and the decor (especially At  Indochine) but nothing exciting to write about it to your mama back at home!  And a bit overpriced!
Yesterday I decided that it was about time I took my GF back to the Bueng Wapee Restaurant for another great meal.  If you aren't familiar with this restaurant, let me describe it for you.  The restaurant is located on the klong just West of the Seacon Shopping Center at 28 Sri Nakarin.  About another 150 yards past the restaurant is the Seri Center.  The restaurant is about a 150-200 Bt ride from Sukhumvit Soi 4, but the easiest way to get there is to first take the BTS to the Lotus store at On Nut.  Go to the ground floor and then take a taxi from the Northeast ground floor door.  The taxi will exit and take On Nut, i.e. Soi 77, West to Sri Nakarin, where it will turn right.  Just past Seacon Center, which will be on your left, is a small road.  The entrance to Bueng Wapee is on the right just past the entrance to this road.  The taxi cost from the On Nut Lotus store should be less than 100 Bt.  If your taxi driver needs directions have him use his cell phone and call the restaurant at 0-2393-4295, 0-2396-0319, 0-2748-1217, or 0-2396-1490.

Bueng Wapee is a large restaurant with outdoor seating on both the East and West sides of the klong, as well as a small inside air conditioned dinning room on the West side of the klong.  The outdoor seating area is roofed over and there are ceiling fans everywhere to help keep you cool.   On the East side of the klong there are a number of square seating areas for families/parties, which extend over the klong.  On the North is a very large seating area set back from the klong.  To the West is a long seating area with tables next to the klong.  Bueng Wapee serves a variety of
dishes, but specialize in seafood.    Harry Seaman
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