Mini-Siam:  If you never have - do it - with a chick who never has.  If you have - forget it. Some new areas,
but many older junk deteriorating ever more.  The price hasn't deteriorated, though.Thai 180 baht. Evil Devil Farangs 360 Baht !!  Avoid the middle of the day. Take a free umbrella available. Decline the pesty photographers. Grab a Songtau for 100 baht to get there. There are a few hanging around to get you back. Same 100 Baht if you act independent enough.

Undersea World Pattaya.   Same rip off prices (180/360), same advice to get there/return, good thing for hot mid-day trip.  Very nicely done. A place to take the lady !  If unfortunate enough to be engulfed with a tour bus load of pushy Orientals, do wander right back through the 4 separate underwater sections. It is easy to do. Just don't exit, go right (left) back through the tunnels. They don't seem to mind.  Then stop at the tiny snack bar, people watch
and pound down a cool one. Otherwise you will have done this one in about 30 minutes !

Tiffany Show - SUCKS.  They only have cubic-zirconia now. The sexy "lads" eerr ladies have moved to the
Alkazar up the road. Plus engulfed with  noisy, pushy busloads and busloads of Orientals. Pretty sets, costumes, but this suck ass social order crap has de-sexed this to a "family" rating.